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Kenwood Floor Standing Cabinet Ac FHI 2447 Inverter Signature



The Kenwood KES-2447FHI sSignature is a floor-standing air conditioner designed for whole-room comfort. It operates efficiently within a stable wide range voltage (135V to 264V) and features golden fins for enhanced heat exchange.

  • Benefits:
    • Energy Efficiency: Up to 60% energy savings due to DC inverter technology.
    • Long Distance Air-Flow: Ensures even cooling or heating across the room.
    • Fast Cooling and Heating: Rapidly adjusts the temperature for comfort.
    • Quiet Operation: Enjoy cooling without disruptive noise.
    • Golden Fins: Enhances heat transfer efficiency.
  • Specifications:
    • Brand Name: Kenwood
    • Model Name: KES-2447FHI
    • Type: Floor Standing AC
    • Voltage Operation: Stable wide range (Operates from 135V to 264V)
    • Capacity:2 ton
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