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Homeage Ac 1812

This air conditioning unit offers high energy efficiency, achieving up to 75%, with a T3 compressor and an EER of 4.0. It includes Wi-Fi functionality, a comprehensive anti-corrosion design, ultra-far air supply, auto-clean function, intelligent dust detection, a larger indoor size, and golden fins.

  • Highest energy saving up to 75%
  • Pakistan’s biggest indoor unit
  • Auto clean function
  • Long distance air-flow



Homage 1.5 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner HCS-1812S T3 with Wifi is one of our top-line and the best-selling products we offer at the best price all over Pakistan with a nationwide fast delivery service.


  • High Energy Efficiency: Achieves up to 75% energy efficiency.
  • T3 Compressor: Equipped with a T3 compressor for enhanced performance.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): Features an EER of 4.0 for optimal energy savings.
  • Wi-Fi Function: Includes Wi-Fi functionality for remote control and monitoring.
  • Anti-corrosion Design: Comprehensive design to prevent corrosion and extend lifespan.
  • Ultra-Far Air Supply: Capable of delivering air to far-reaching areas.
  • Auto Clean Function: Automated cleaning feature for convenience and hygiene.
  • Intelligent Dust Detection: System to detect and manage dust efficiently.
  • Bigger Indoor Size: Larger indoor unit size for better performance.
  • Golden Fins: These are equipped with golden fins for improved heat exchange and durability.
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