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GREE air conditioners are renowned for their superior quality and innovative technological features. The hardware for GREE air conditioners is expertly crafted and composed of high-quality materials. Specifically, the air conditioner compressor’s quality can withstand daily wear and tear quite well. Due to their better energy efficiency, GREE heating and cooling systems may be eligible for local incentives. Gree, a renowned brand in the air conditioning industry.It offers a wide range of inverter AC models that provide efficient cooling. Gree Inverter AC keeping energy consumption in check. We will discuss important aspects of Gree AC price in Pakistan.

GREE AC Configurations:

Gree Ac operates in five different modes:

Auto Mode: In this mode, the air conditioner will sense the outside temperature and determine whether to cool or heat the room without your input. However, the Fan button (as in 3 above) and Vertical Swing (as in 7) allow you to change the grill’s fan speed or rotation angle.

Cool Mode

The temperature, fan speed, and swing can all change in the cooling mode. You are free to choose any temperature that makes you feel comfortable.

Dry Mode

This mode acts as a dehumidifier and removes moisture from the room to keep it cool and dry throughout the wet season. The air conditioner runs at a reduced speed in dry mode when it is selected.

Fan Mode

When the air conditioner is set to fan mode, neither heating nor cooling will occur.

Heat Mode: Exclusive to Gree 2-way air conditioners, the heating mode is used to provide warmth in the winter. The heating mode signal won’t reach the cooling-only unit.

GREE AC FAN: Adjusting the Fan Speed:

The fan speed can be adjusted as shown in the picture by pressing the FAN button. When the AC starts to cool, the fan automatically switches on.

The air conditioner will automatically choose the appropriate fan speed under AUTO speed based on the factory settings. In dry mode, the fan speed is low.


To switch to quick COOL or quick HEAT mode, press the Turbo button when in COOL or HEAT mode. The turbo turning on will increase the FAN and cooling speed.

Gree Inverter AC Price Range in Pakistan 2023

The Gree AC price in Pakistan can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the model, capacity, features, and market conditions.

  • 1 Ton Models: PKR 77,000 to PKR 130,000
  • 1.5 Ton Models: PKR 175,000 to PKR 210,000
  • 2 Ton Models: PKR 270,000 to PKR 300,000

It’s important to note that these prices are approximate and subject to change. Factors such as location, seller, and any ongoing promotional offers can also influence the final price of Gree inverter ACs.

Ideal Remote Settings for Gree Ac Cooling

The best remote settings for Gree Ac cooling are to make sure that the cool mode is turned on. This will allow you to adjust the temperature and display a tree icon on the remote control. Simply press the Turbo button on your Gree remote control to get instantaneous cool air when you enter a room, turn on the air conditioning, and it’s hot outside. The fan speed will be maximum in turbo mode.

Use the highest fan speed possible if you aren’t using Turbo to ensure that the air in the room circulates quickly. Grill direction is crucial, in my opinion; make sure the fan speed is sensed on the floor rather than the roof and that the vertical swing is down.

Gree AC Functions


To turn on or off the WIFI function, simultaneously press the “MODE” and “TURBO” buttons. The “WiFi” icon will appear on the remote controller when the WIFI function is enable; Long press the “TURBO” and “MODE” buttons at the same time for ten seconds.

GREE AC Energy Saving Function: To activate or deactivate the energy-saving feature while the system is in cooling mode, simultaneously push the “TEMP” and “CLOCK” buttons. 

GREE AC Sleep Function

By progressively raising the temperature to prevent you from feeling cold, the sleep function helps to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. To initiate the sleep function, push this button when in the HEAT or COOL mode. The remote controller displays the “Crescent” icon.


The “Crescent” symbol will vanish if you press this button once more to disable the sleep feature. Upon activation, Sleep Off is set by default. The Sleep feature is terminating when the device is power off.


Gree inverter ACs provide an excellent cooling solution for Pakistani households. Compare prices from multiple sources to find the best deal within your budget. Remember to factor in after-sales service and warranty support when making your decision. Cooling capacity and energy efficiency ensure it meets your requirements. Stay cool and comfortable throughout the summers with a Gree inverter AC. Gree AC price in Pakistan can be varied.


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