Haier 1-ton AC price in Pakistan

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The cost of a Haier 1-ton AC price in Pakistan is Rs. 72,300, with an average cost of Rs. 93,100. Look no further than Haier Air Conditioners for the most energy-efficient air conditioner and cooling system available. These units are economical and cost-effective because they strike a balance between energy consumption and cooling output. You will quickly feel the cool air thanks to features like pam technology and instant cool air blasting. Furthermore, these air conditioners are constructed with high-quality internal components and require few repairs. They are therefore the ideal option for companies and homeowners. 

The Best Haier Air Conditioner

The Haier air conditioner is the best option if you’re looking for an air conditioner that doesn’t require a stabilizer. The inverter technology unit is robust and functions well even at low voltages. Also, the unit offers good value for the money. As the second-biggest air conditioner brand in the world, Haier is a fantastic option for people looking for a dependable, reasonably priced, and effective air conditioner. The business is still expanding and has over 170 world-class awards to its name. Aside from currency fluctuations, Haier 1-ton AC price in Pakistan is still very reasonable. The official Haier Partner website is online. pk has air conditioner prices.


The starting price of a 1-ton Haier air conditioner in Pakistan is Rs. 62,500. The cost of a Haier inverter air conditioner has decreased by about 1% on the internet over the past 30 days, so you should think about purchasing one. These units are ideal for your home and are incredibly powerful. Additionally, you have a variety of models to select from, including ones with sensor controls and 3D airflow. Additionally, compared to most of their rivals, these units are quieter.

Pakistani Haier Inverter AC Cost

The best available price for a Haier inverter AC is available in Pakistan. For those who intend to purchase one, it is helpful to know the Haier DC inverter price in Pakistan. These units are more energy-efficient than conventional air conditioners and are made to run on a battery or UPS. However, the cost may differ depending on the kind of model you choose to buy. The best course of action is to compare costs and keep an eye out for deals. Prices are significant as well because they will dictate whether or not the product is worthwhile to purchase.



An excellent option for reasonably priced and efficient cooling solutions is a Haier 1-ton AC price in Pakistan. This model boasts an impressive one-ton cooling capacity in addition to cutting-edge features and design. Accurate temperature readings can be obtained with this unit’s concealed display and two-way air swing technology. Having a summer partner will help you stay cool and cozy. Its potent features also enable it to cool a sizable area.


In Pakistan, the Haier inverter AC 1 ton starts at Rs. 62,500. The unit is controlled by its Triple Inverter Plus to optimize comfort and efficiency. Because of its self-cleaning technology, the air is free of dirt and moisture. To get rid of dust and other allergens, the unit has an advanced air filtration system and an inbuilt air purifier. The sleek white color of White is the only option for this model.


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