Looking for an AC? Here’s what you should know before buying

Looking for an AC? Here’s what you should know before buying Leave a comment


Air Conditioning, that is often abbreviated as AC in different places around the world. Basically it is the phenomenon of removing heat and controlling the humidity of the room or any other closed place where it is installed. The air conditioning system works on the basis of HVAC that is heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These systems can be varied from small units used in cars or other vehicles to massive units that can change the temperature of buildings easily. These systems maintain the temperature of buildings or rooms despite change in the outside weather or temperature. Air conditioners price in Pakistan may vary according to the size and specifications of the unit or company. Different companies have different prices and also have innovations accordingly. The basic principle for the working of AC systems is the vapour compression cycle. The efficient performance of the air conditioning system is the ratio of useful heating or cooling.


The most important specification is the capacity of the air conditioner. It varies according to the place where the system has to be installed. The second thing that has to be kept in mind is the coefficient of performance (COP), the higher the COP the higher is the efficiency of the system. The energy efficiency ratio is also the factor that has to be high for efficient performance. The sound level or noise level should also be low for the comfortable environment, there are many other factors also that should be known before installing an air conditioning system in homes, offices or buildings. Most people use air conditioners during the extreme conditions in the summer season. Everything in this world has advantages and disadvantages too.


In Pakistan during the extreme summer days there is a problem of dehydration and heat strokes because of the excessive loss of water from sweating and a continuous exposure to heat for a long period that is why air conditioners are used to avoid the risk of dehydration. The AC system also improves the quality of air. It removes the disinfectants that cause asthma and allergies. It also lessens the risk of other respiratory problems.


On the other hand, these systems have disadvantages too, for example it can cause skin dryness, if we spend more time in AC it can cause irritation and dryness of the mucous membrane. A sudden change in the temperature can also cause aggravation of respiratory problems and also cause infections in the respiratory tract and allergies. According to the features of the AC systems the prices in Pakistan  nowadays  have a lot of variation in their prices respective to their companies


In the end, the conclusion of all this discussion and explanation about the air conditioning system and the prices of the AC system is that it is a luxurious item that can be useful if we use it in the proper way and can also cause some problems if we are exposed to it for a long time. Air conditioners price in Pakistan are increasing day by day according to the innovations in technology. The advancement in science and technology forced the companies to introduce new things in the systems and due to the new advanced systems the prices of air conditioners are gradually increasing day by day.

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