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Orient Ac 1.0 Ton 12-G Super Mirror DC Inverter Heat And Cool Gold Fin Wifi Smart Edition


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Orient Ac 1.0 Ton Inverter Wifi Enabled Super Mirror Series. 12-G Super Mirror 


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Ultron Super Mirror 1 Ton Ac has the beautiful black mirror panel with the biggest indoor unit and the decent black color. The beauty of Ultron Super Mirror 1 Ton Ac goes hand in hand with the inverter technology. The E comfort from Mevris is another classic feature which gives you the liberty to control your air conditioner through your smart phone. Orient gives you 10 year warranty with this air conditioner so what are you waiting for? Purchase Ultron Super Mirror 1 Ton Ac now!

Key Features

  • Beautiful Mirror Panel:
  • Electricity Consumption Management:
  • Schedule Management:
  • InverterTechnology:
  • R410 Eco Friendly Refrigerant:
  • For All Weather (Heat & Cool):
  • Upto 80% Energy Saving

Sleek & Stylish, Elegant Design

Orient E-Comfort Air Conditioners are gorgeously sleek and offer a modern AI interface that gives you a device that is smarter than anything you’ve encountered before.

Biggest Indoor Unit (1.1M)

The absolute beauty and grace of the indoor unit comes in a bigger form than ever before. 1.1M in size and several times more in function, the indoor unit is perfect for its function.

Good Sleep with Autopilot

Energy saving & convenience have been kept at the forefront for the device as the air conditioner turns off when optimum temperature is reached without any manual command.

Smart Clean

Built-in Auto Clean feature clears the evaporator from dust and odors, which enhances the AC’s performance and saves maximum energy.

Innovation in lifestyle

Revamp the way you live & use E-Comfort Air Conditioner to revolutionize the present & pave an evolved future.

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