How to Cool Your Room without AC

How to Cool Your Room without AC Leave a comment

We have all been so habitual to sitting in a room of AC that we have literally forgotten how to feels to be without it.

The different brands like theĀ Kenwood AC price in PakistanĀ come under the affordable range that everyone can easily buy it.

But for those who cannot afford it can follow these instructions that we are going to give below to keep your rooms and cool and cozy without having the need to have AC in them.

Keep The Windows And Doors Closed:

If you want to keep the room cool the first thing that you need to do is to keep the doors and windows of your room closed.

When the sunlight does not enter your room, it automatically gets better and does not really heat up your room.

If you want to keep the doors and windows open, then what you can do is open them when you feel the sun has gone a little down.

If you will open them when the heat is one peak, then your room will not ever cool down so you should follow this instruction.

Apart from that, keep the blinds and curtains of your windows down when the sun and heat are at their peak.

If you will do this, you will definitely feel the change in the atmosphere in your room and will feel better with it.

Use A Fan And Ice:

It is one of the most old-school ways to keep your room cool without AC of course but you will not believe that it is one of the most effective ways to keep your room cool.

What old school people used to do is keep the ice near to the air of the fan when it touches the ice the air automatically became very cool and breezy.

So, what you can do is keep the ice where you feel the air is coming straight. When you will do this the air will float around the room and it will automatically become really cool.

Do not just let the air go out of the room, for that you have to keep the doors and windows closed in the daytime especially.

When you will use this technique, you will see the change in your room because it will be really apparent.

Ceiling Fans Are A Must:

One thing that you really need to have in your house is the ceiling fan which honestly everyone should have because it is a must.

What ceiling fan does, no other fan can do because it helps the air to go through all around the room and it definitely keeps your room really cool.

Ceiling fans have the ability to cool your room without the usage of AC and they keep the air even so you should definitely get one for yourself.

Also, one thing that you need to remember with the ceiling fan is that you have to make it work in the counterclockwise direction, so it makes your room very away from heat.

You Need To Cool Yourself Too:

There are days when the weather is just too hot, and your room is not ready to get cooled down and you are not able to make it any better by using anything.

What you need to on these days is to just basically focus on yourself and how you can make your body temperature better so that it feels better, and the heat falls off of you.

On these days, what you need to do is to take a shower with cold water so that you feel better and the sweat stays away from your body for a while at least.

Apart from that wear clothes that you think are super cool and will not make you feel warm or sweaty.

You can also use cotton clothes or also cotton bed sheets for your bed. They are very thin in material and they do not make your body heat up quickly.

Then you can also freeze some water in your refrigerator that you can drink constantly it will also keep the heat away.

Then start to drink a lot of juices. When you will drink juices, they will cool down your body and the heat will stay away from your body for a long time.

These are just some of the ways through which you can keep your rooms cool and cozy without using any kind of air conditioner.

The AC just does not cool the room, but it also makes you very dependent on it and also very lazy. So, it is better to just stay away from it.

You can use the ways that are mentioned above to keep your rooms cool.

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