How to Keep Your House Cool without an Air Conditioner

How to Keep Your House Cool without an Air Conditioner Leave a comment

As the summer is arriving really quickly, we definitely need to know about some of the ways through which we can keep our houses cool by having AC in them.

It is obviously a bit difficult to keep your houses cool without an AC but we know that nothing is impossible so we will get to know about some ways of cooling our houses without an air conditioner.

The Dawlance inverter AC price has also decreased so if you can afford it then you should buy it, but till then let’s see some other ways to cool down your house.

Use Exhausts:

One of the most important things that contribute to keeping the house cool is the exhausts that are present in your house.

There are a lot of people who keep exhausts at different places of their houses and to be honest they actually make a big difference.

So, if you have them use them to the fullest, and if you do not have exhausts at your house, then install them as soon as possible because they will actually help a lot.

Insulations Are Magical:

We have all heard about the amazing features that come with having insulation installed in our houses and we will just get to know more about it.

We all know the insulations that are present on the walls contribute in keep the houses warm when they are used in winters.

But do we know that these same insulations have the ability to keep the houses away from the heat during harsh summers?

Yes, they also have this amazing feature too. They keep the houses warm in winter and really cool in the summer season and the best part about them is that they really are inexpensive, and anybody can get them installed in their houses.

Keep Washing and Baking For the Night:

One thing that all of us are not aware of or we do not really give any attention to is the fact that the cooking and washing machines really do heat up your houses.

Whenever you decide to cook something, or you have to bake something always try and do it during the night because the nights are usually cool as compared to the daytime.

Apart from that, the other thing that you keep in the notice is that the machines that you use for washing your clothes heat up your houses too.

So, try and keep these machines outside first, if you do not have that much space outside and you have to keep them inside then you should always use them at night during summers.

This way you will save your house from getting too heated up and you will also feel a big change in the atmosphere and the environment of your house.

Follow this step and thanks us later because they will actually make a big difference at keep your house cool during the summer season.

Cooling Curtain Techniques:

Sometimes when the days are just too hot, and nothing is making any difference not even opening the windows during the evening then there is a hack for that too.

What you should do during these times is that the curtains that are installed in front of your windows or doors, shower them will cold water.

When you will use cold water on the curtains then the air coming through it will automatically be cooled down because of the cold water.

Use this hack in your house and you will see changes coming instantly.

Keep Some Plants Around:

As almost all of us have become really habitual to the city life, it does not even feel weird anymore if we do not have any plants around us.

We have forgotten how important it has always been to install plants to keep the overall environment of your area cool and cozy.

When you move from the place filled with buildings to the place where there are so many plants there is a clear difference in the environment and the atmosphere.

We should all focus on this and make changes in whatever is in our hands and whatever is close to us.

What you can do is have a small garden in your house and have so many plants in it. When you will make a garden in your house you will see how it changes the whole game.

If you do not have a very big house and it does not have too much space, then you can also use some planters here and there in your house and you will definitely see a change.

Plants keep the environment of your house and the place where they are planted really cool and we suggest that everybody should have some plants in their houses.



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