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Kenwood Refrigerator 24457-GD-MRG INV Mahroon Persona Plus Series

Kenwood Refrigerator 24457 Glass Door MRG Maroon 13-CFT Inverter Persona Plus Series



Kenwood New Persona Plus a glass door series that gives a very modern look to the interior of your home which adds on to the architectural theme. Aesthetically elegant and smooth as silk with handle-less design, Persona is a true reflection of excellence and modern design



• Inverter Technology

• Low Voltage Startup Up to 110V

• Ultraviolet light: Makes your food fresh

• LED Light: Refrigerator & Freezer

• Insulation Thickness up to 75mm

• Dry Vegetable Tray

• Antifungal detachable gas kit

• Medicine Box

• Cooling Bank

• Carbon Filters

• Copper Coiling (Anti Dew tube)

• Refrigerant R600A


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